California sea lions migrate to Oregon in late summer and stay through fall, winter and early spring. Harbor seals are year-round residents.

Photo by: Seal Seaside Aquarium Oregon Coast

Seaside Aquarium

Come feed the Harbor seals at the Aquarium! Stand in the splash zone as the seals show off tricks for snacks.

Seal Shenanigans

Pier 39

Along the popular waterfront in Astoria, Pier 39 is where you'll find sea lions sunning themselves.

Visit Them

Buoy Beer

Inside Buoy Beer, you'll sometimes find sea lions congregating just below a glass panel in the floor.

Take a Peek
Photo by: Cannon Beach puffins

Flippers + Feathers

A bonus for our flippered friends category! Tufted puffins nest on Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, and these sea birds use their wings as flippers to dive underwater.

Wing Watching
Photo by: Cannon Beach puffins

Tips: Baby Seals

Harbor Seals can be found year-round on the Oregon Coast. They have their adorable pups in the spring, with births peaking in mid-May.

It's common for baby seals to wait on the beach while their mom feeds. If you spot a solitary baby seal on the beach, it’s patiently waiting for its mother to return.

Remember to stay at least 100 yards away, roughly the distance of a city block, from seals and other marine mammals as you explore the Oregon Coast. Disturbing or harassing marine mammals is not only harmful for the animals, it’s also illegal.