Fort Stevens State Park

In Warrenton, this large park has different sites to explore. Whether hiking at the jetty or the beach, look for Snowy Plover, Brown Pelican, Caspian Tern, Olive-sided Flycatch, and more.
Fort Stevens State Park Campground,
Peter Iredale Road, Hammond, OR, USA

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Haystack Rock

This Cannon Beach hotspot is home to many species of shorebird. During the summer, look for Tufted Puffin, Western Gull, Pelagic Cormorant, Harlequin Duck, and Brown Pelican.
Cannon Beach,

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Mill Ponds

On the south end of Seaside, this area is teeming with migratory birds year-round. Orange-crowned Warbler, Harlequin Duck, Warbling Vireo, and Wood Duck can be found here.
1385 Avenue U,
Seaside, OR 97138, USA

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Neawanna Creek

In Seaside, this tidal-influenced freshwater creek feeds into the Estuary and is home to the Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, Red Winged Blackbird, and Goldeneye.
1315 Broadway St,
Seaside, OR 97138, USA

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Necanicum Estuary Park

Located in Seaside, this is one of the best sites to find migratory shorebirds. Look for Western Sandpiper, Whimbrel, and Long-Billed Curlew between April and September.
OR 97138, USA

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Saddle Mountain

This challenging hike may reward you with sightings of Vaux's Swift, Calliope Hummingbird, Hermit Warbler, Hammond's Flycatcher, Blue Grouse, and Varied Thrush.
Saddle Mountain,
Oregon, USA

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Tips: Sea Stacks & Drones

Sea stacks are life supporting habitats for seabirds and marine mammals, that are protected under the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Sea stacks are closed for public use to protect marine wildlife at all times, year-round. They're also closed to ensure safety for human visitors.

Flying drones are disruptive to wildlife and visitors, and they are illegal. Drones can substantially impact wildlife mating, nesting and other behaviors. 

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act forbids harming or possessing any migratory birds and their eggs, nests, and feathers. Oregon Coast visitors can bring binoculars to observe sea stacks and any marine animal and seabird action up-close.