Gearhart Golf Links

Landmark golf course since 1892, located between Seaside and Astoria.

Gearhart Golf Links,
North Marion Avenue, Gearhart, OR, USA

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Highlands Golf Club

Public golf course located in Gearhart with 9 holes and an oceanview.

Highlands Golf Club,
Highlands Lane, Seaside, OR, USA

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Lewis & Clark Golf RV Park

Nine-hole golf course in Astoria with club rentals available.

Lewis & Clark Golf & RV Park,
Youngs River Road, Astoria, OR, USA

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Manzanita Golf Course

This course is south of Cannon Beach on a hillside with a 9-hole layout.

Manzanita Golf Course,
Lakeview Drive, Manzanita, OR, USA

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Seaside Golf Club

Public course located in Seaside with 9 holes to play.

Seaside Golf Course,
Avenue U, Seaside, OR, USA

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Captain Kid Amusement Park

Outdoor mini golf course in Seaside with 18 holes to play!

Captain Kid Amusement Park,
S Roosevelt, Seaside, OR, USA

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Ten Tiny Tees

Miniature golf course found in popular area of shops in Seaside.


Ten Tiny Tees Golf,
Broadway Street, Seaside, OR, USA

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